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Thursday, March 7, 2013

WORLDPAC Offers 'All Brakes, All Brands'

WORLDPAC Offers "All Brakes, All Brands"
WORLDPAC offers an "all brakes, all brands" parts program including more than 31,000 part numbers cataloged under 120 different brake-related product categories.

Available brands include Akebono, ATE, Aisin, Advics, Brembo, Bosch, Hella Pagid, PBR, Mountain, Nissin, Pilenga, Sangsin, Textar, TRW, WBR, Zimmermann and many more. 

WORLDPAC also offers specialty brake tools and equipment.  The complete WORLDPAC inventory includes more than 110,000 automotive replacement parts for import and domestic vehicles sourced from original equipment manufacturers.
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