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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Increase Business in 2013 with Acquisition and Retention Marketing Services!

Increase Business in 2013 with Acquisition and Retention Marketing Solutions!

Marketing your independent automotive repair business is more important today than ever before, and WORLDPAC can help!

Are your 2013 marketing goals to communicate to existing customers with the goal of retaining their business (Retention Marketing) or to communicate to those who are not existing customers with the goal of acquiring them as a new customer (Acquisition Marketing) or both?

No matter what your marketing goals are for 2013, WORLDPAC provides customers with access to complete “turn-key” marketing services that allow you to focus on running your business while we do the rest. 

Visit WORLDPAC's Customer Marketing Solutions (CMS) website or view the CMS flier to learn more about available marketing solutions, including:

Acquisition Marketing Services:
  • New Mover Direct Mail Program targets customers that have moved in your area.
  • Customer Acquisition Program provides the ability to identify targeted households in close proximity to your shop.
  • RepairPal is a leading new customer acquisition tool for quality shops.

Retention Marketing Services:
  • Demandforce is an automated marketing and communications solution that helps you grow revenue, retain and engage your existing customers and track results.
  • MechanicNet increases profitable maintenance services and pulls customers back on a regular basis.
  • Newsletter Program keeps the lines of communication open with your clients.
  • Shop Calendars keep your shop name fresh in the customers mind year-round.

You can also learn more about the value of marketing in general, as well as the differences between Acquisition Marketing and Retention Marketing by downloading WORLDPAC's Educational Marketing Flier.  

WORLDPAC wishes you much success in 2013!
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