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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Peter Klotz, VP, WORLDPAC Advanced Planning and Global Supply, Passes Away

Peter Klotz, VP, WORLDPAC Advanced Planning and Global Supply, Passes Away

It is with a heavy heart I announce the passing of Peter Klotz, our Vice President, Advanced Planning and Global Supply. All of us on the WORLDPAC Team are deeply saddened by the loss of a special colleague, friend and admired teammate. Peter was with us for a short seven years and his contributions were instrumental in our success and will continue towards our future success. His overall dedication, commitment, knowledge and experience in building WORLDPAC to be an industry leader will be missed. Peter was a key driver of several strategic projects including our Global Sourcing initiatives, developing Quality Control Assurance standards and recruiting key global suppliers.

Peter was greatly admired and well respected throughout the industry. He started his automotive career at Denso, as Vice President-Aftermarket Planning Group. Peter introduced the Denso independent aftermarket program known as ‘Denso First Time Fit’ brand products. He was an active member and contributor with the Auto International Association (AIA), Vice Chairman of the AIA Executive Leadership Council and Chairman of the Awards Committee.

All of us at WORLDPAC will greatly miss his fun loving spirit. We all have been fortunate enough to know and work with Peter, a very dear friend to all of us.

Our sincere condolences to Loraine, his wife, and his family.

Bob Cushing
President & CEO
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