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Friday, August 31, 2012

Vehicle Specific Fluids Available at WORLDPAC

Vehicle Specific Fluids Available at WORLDPAC

WORLDPAC offers a comprehensive lubricants program including OEM brands of mineral, synthetic and performance fluids as specified by Asian, European, and Domestic vehicle manufacturers.
Availability of specialized fluid products includes:

• Low viscosity transmission fluids
• 0w20 & 10w60 motor oils
• A/C compressor PAG oil
• Dual clutch transmission fluid
• ABS correct brake fluid
• OEM/OES ATF and motor oil
• And more!

Brands like ENEOS and Idemitsu are the original suppliers to the Asian car manufactures and their products are now available at WOLRDPAC. A full range of products are also available from Febi, Lubro Moly, Motul, Pentosin, RED LINE, ZF and more!

In the ever-changing and increasingly complex world of vehicle specific lubricants, WORLDPAC is your solution.
Become a WORLDPAC customer TODAY!

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