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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

WORLDPAC Makes's Top 10 Distribution Stories of 2011

WORLDPAC Makes's Top 10 Distribution Stories of 2011

Earlier this month the editorial staff of aftermarketNews (AMN) presented the eighth annual AMN Year in Review series. AMN's "Top Stories of 2011" takes a look back at what their readers found to be the most compelling and important news stories, interviews and articles of the past year. AMN says results are based purely on viewership, as reported by Google Analytics, and feature the top 10 items posted to their most popular news categories.

AMN's "Top 10 Distribution Stories of 2011" series takes a look at the most popular distribution headlines of 2011. On the list, our press release titled WORLDPAC and Demandforce Announce Strategic Partnership for the Automotive Aftermarket ranked eighth on AMN's top 10 most read stories of 2011!

WORLDPAC is pleased the aftermarket industry took notice of our partnership with Demandforce. We look forward to offering our customers additional customer marketing solutions to help their business thrive in 2012!

Read AMN's full Top 10 Distribution Stories of 2011 for a recap of all the most popular headlines.

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Claude Laroche said...

Great job
Congratulations to all at Worldpac Us and Canada

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