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Monday, September 26, 2011

Pilenga Brake Rotors Available Exclusively at WORLDPAC

Pilenga Brake Rotors Available Exclusively at WORLDPAC

WORLDPAC is the exclusive North American distributor of Pilenga brake rotors for Asian, European and Domestic carlines. Pilenga brake rotors are the only brake rotors in Europe to be manufactured entirely in Italy, from casting to finish. As well, Pilenga places a strong emphasis on quality, innovation and safety.

Offering over 250 different Pilenga products and multiple same-day deliveries in most metro areas in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico, WORLDPAC is committed to delivering customers the right part at the right time. WORLDPAC’s complete brakes program offers over 15,000 products from an impressive network of suppliers including Advics, Aisin, Akebono, Ate, Balo, Brembo, Cardone, FTE, Hitachi Chemical, Jurid, Mountain, Nissin, NPN, Pagid, PBR, Pilenga, Prenco, Sangsin Brake, Sumitomo, Textar, TRW, WBR, Winhere, Zimmermann and more.

WORLDPAC imports and distributes OE and quality aftermarket replacement parts to independent import and domestic service centers in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. SpeedDIAL, WORLDPAC’s exclusive online catalog and fulfillment ordering software, contains more than 7,000,000 import and domestic applications for virtually every automotive make and model. WORLDPAC also offers extensive customer services such as their highly praised technical & business training and targeted customer marketing solutions.
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