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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

WORLDPAC and Demandforce Announce Strategic Partnership for Automotive Aftermarket

WORLDPAC and Demandforce Announce Strategic Partnership for Automotive Aftermarket

San Francisco, CA and Newark, CA – June 14, 2011- Demandforce, Inc., a leader in online marketing and communications, and WORLDPAC, Inc. a top tier distributor of quality automotive parts, today announced a three year agreement that will bring Demandforce D3 software to WORLDPAC customers nationwide. WORLDPAC is committed to providing the most innovative and cutting edge technology for their customer base and chose Demandforce D3 based on the value it brings to the automotive market, including increasing customer retention and attracting new customers.

WORLDPAC saw overwhelming value in Demandforce D3 during a two month pilot program, where, on average, their shops reported $60,000 in revenue and 128 new visits through the software. The shops also reported an average increase of 21% in valid emails for their customer base, allowing shops to communicate automatically and electronically with their customers. This ultimately helped the shops gather on average an additional 15 certified reviews and eased the administrative burden involved with phone calls.

WORLDPAC always seeks out the highest tier products for their customer base, which is why they chose Demandforce. During the pilot program, WORLDPAC decision makers continually saw overwhelming value in how Demandforce helps shops attract new customers and increase retention with existing customers using their innovative and cutting edge technology. Demandforce helps the automotive aftermarket stay relevant and current in the changing Internet landscape, and WORLDPAC sought out a solution for their customers that could offer exactly that.

The partnership between Demandforce and WORLDPAC aims to help the automotive aftermarket attract and retain customers, all while measuring performance and customer satisfaction. Additionally, Demandforce will also provide WORLDPAC customers the tools to help them build their online reputation, including sending up-to-date business information and certified customer reviews to major search engines and Internet directories. Demandforce D3 gives shop owners and managers the ability to spend less time on the telephone and more time delivering better customer service to their customer.

“We partner with companies who have a shared vision and passion for the future, and WORLDPAC shares our vision,” said Rick Berry, President at Demandforce. “Our relationship with WORLDPAC is integral as we continue to make advancements in the automotive aftermarket and is further testament to our ability to bring overwhelming value to auto shops nationwide. We are very pleased with this agreement and look forward to continued success.”

WORLDPAC, Inc. imports and distributes brand recognized OE and quality automotive parts directly to the automotive service community. The company has locations in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico and also offers extensive customer services such as their highly praised technical & business training and targeted customer marketing solutions. To learn more about WORLDPAC contact (800) 888-9982 ext. 5470 or visit

About Demandforce
Founded in 2003, Demandforce helps small businesses thrive in the Internet economy. The Demandforce D3 software-as-a-service application is used by thousands of customers to grow revenue, keep clients coming back, and manage operations more effectively. Demandforce's flagship product, Demandforce D3, connects Demandforce clients to over 60 million consumers via email communications, text messaging and online services. Demandforce has achieved 22 quarters of over 80% year-over-year quarterly growth and is led by a management team with over a decade of experience developing and delivering web-based applications that drive real, tangible business value. Demandforce, Inc is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. To learn more visit

Learn more about the WORLDPAC & Demandforce partnership.

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Rick said...

I thought demand force was a cosmetic dentistry< company, I guess I was WAY off lol!

Kelli said...

Hi Rick. Thanks for your comment!

Your thought is not without merit. Demandforce is an automated marketing and communications solution that helps you grow revenue, retain and engage your existing customers and track results. Demandforce assists several industries with these goals including the auto industry, chiropractic, dental, optometry, and spas & salons. This is because service industries share similar strategies for acquiring and retaining customers.

If you decide to try Demandforce let us know how you like it!

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