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Thursday, September 16, 2010

MOTUL: Guide to Understanding Synthetic Lubricants

MOTUL: Guide to Understanding Synthetic Lubricants

WORLDPAC now carries MOTUL high-quality, synthetic lubricant products.

MOTUL is a specialist in the design and manufacture of high-technology, high-quality, performance synthetic lubricants. MOTUL products consists of only top grade, premium quality oil products that are enhanced with additives and developed using MOTUL's extensive technological advancements in the racing arena.

MOTUL's Guide to Understanding Synthetic Lubricants is a resource for automotive repair professionals and automotive enthusiasts seeking to gain a better undertanding of the characteristics of synthetic oil.

MOTUL's five page guide uses simple terms to explains:

  • Differences between common types of synthetic lubricant oils
  • Temperature and its effects on different types of oils
  • Basic tech points regarding racing and high performance oils
View MOTUL's Guide to Understanding Synthetic Lubricants today!

To order MOTUL products, contact WORLDPAC:

USA: (800) 888-9982 x 5470
Western Canada: (800) 644-9129
Eastern Canada: (800) 463-8749

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