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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Monthly 46" TV Sweepstakes!

Monthly 46" TV Sweepstakes!

Don't forget to enter the WORLDPAC 46" LCD HDTV Sweepstakes every month through December 2010 for a chance to win!

Winners are already enjoying their prizes ... You could be next! Learn more about the lucky winners by visiting the Sweepstakes Winner's Hall of Fame web page.

The TV sweepstakes supports our 2010 advertising campaign which highlights reasons WORLDPAC is "Perfectly Adjusted for Your Service Center" including:

- 100,000+ parts inventory
- 80+ metro area locations in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico
- Multiple same-day delivery
- Industry leading speedDIAL catalog and fulfillment ordering system
- World-class WORLDPAC Training Institute (WTI)
- Customer Marketing Solutions (CMS)
- Best selection of OE brands

Visit the campaign website ( each month to register for your chance to win. Register to WIN today!

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