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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Article: Ramping Up for 2010

Article: Ramping Up for 2010

By Mary DellaValle
Editor, ImportCar Magazine
December 09, 2009

As you get ready to close the book on another year, it's not uncommon to think about challenges in the year ahead and how you will be handling them. Many shop owners take a hard look at their business model and make strategic adjustments that will help pave the way for increased profits and a bigger market share.

Mary DellaValle also writes:

Here are some things to consider as you ramp up for next year ...

  • Get more training

  • Help get your customers’ vehicles ready for the winter driving season

  • Check your customers’ tires

  • Don’t “eat” valuable service time by not charging for diagnostics

  • Go green

Read Mary's full article to learn more: Ramping Up for 2010: What Are You Doing to Stand Out from the Competition?

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