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Monday, November 2, 2009

STX: Opening Remarks

Opening Remarks

Motor Age's reports on the WORLDPAC Supplier & Training EXPO (STX):

Mario Recchia, senior vice president of marketing at WORLDPAC, gives his opening remarks during the first WORLDPAC Suppliers and Training Expo in Orlando. This is the first expo of its kind WORLDPAC has hosted, and Recchia reports like other parts of the aftermarket, there are three keys to success. He says education and training, specialty tools and good hard parts are key in today’s aftermarket. And he also says there are good times ahead. “The cup is not half empty it is half full. We think there are a lot of opportunities out there for you. You see what’s going on on the OE side. You see dealers going out of biz left and right and you hope you can pick up some of that business.”

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WORLDPAC’s Supplier & Training EXPO provided guests with a completely customized weekend of exclusive technical and business training specifically designed to increase the future success of their independent repair business.

The event hosted over 500 import specialists from 43 US states and Canada, over 50 leading suppliers including tool and equipment manufacturers and over 30 of the industry’s most respected training instructors.

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