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Monday, October 5, 2009

Red Line Synthetic Oils: Bottles Now Available!

Red Line Synthetic Oils: Bottles Now Available!

WORLDPAC carries the complete line of Red Line synthetic lubricants and additives.

We are happy to announce that we now sell Red Line products by the bottle! Which means you no longer have to buy it by the case (unless you want to, of course).

In addition to our existing Red Line product offering, we have also added many new Red Line numbers, including:

  • 0W-40 Motor Oil (Quart)
  • 0W-30 Motor Oil (Quart)
  • 15W-50 Motor Oil (Quart)
  • 0W-20 Motor Oil (Quart)
  • 10W-60 Motor Oil (Quart)
  • CV-2 Grease (Jar)
  • Limited Slip Friction Modifier (4oz bottle)
  • MT-90 75W-90 GL-4 (5-gl Pail)
  • 75W-90 GL-5 Gear Oil (5-gl Pail)
  • 75W-140 GL-5 Gear Oil (5-gl Pail)
  • D4 ATF (5-gl Pail)
  • H-Type CVT Fluid – (Quart)
  • Non-Slip CVT Fluid – (Quart)
To help you select the best product for the specific needs of your customer, we have updated our product descriptions in speedDIAL.

You can find Red Line products in speedDIAL by looking in the “General Purpose Products” section and the following sub sections:

“General Purpose Products”
“Chemicals and Fluids”
“Fuel System”
“Cooling and Radiator” (water wetter)
“Fuel System”
“Grease & Lube” (assemble lube & CV joint grease)
“Motor Oil”
“Power Steering”

For those unfamiliar with Red Line, please contact your WORLDPAC sales representative for more product information.

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