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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

NEW TOOL! WTI Business Calculators

NEW TOOL! WTI Business Calculators

Does your business need management training?

The WORLDPAC Training Institute (WTI) has added new Business Calculator tools to help shop owners determine if their business is in need of management training.

To use the WTI Business Calculators just input your unique business numbers, push the "calculate" button and compare the results to industry standards in these areas:

  • Effective Hourly Rates
  • Technician Productivity
  • Gross Profit Margin on Labor
  • Gross Profit Margin on Parts
Access the WTI Business Calculators on the WTI Business Management Classes webpage.

WTI Business Management Classes provide training in the management of the independent service center and have been presented to thousands of WORLDPAC customers. Tools provided in the classes help service centers increase productivity, increase profits, and teach managers how to deal with troubled areas of the business.

To learn more about the WTI visit:

WTI Homepage
WTI Business Management Solutions
WTI Technical Training

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