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Friday, September 26, 2008

Article: WTI Performance Groups

Article: WORLDPAC Training Institute (WTI) Performance Groups

The WORLDPAC Training Institute's (WTI) Business Development and Performance Groups are programs that help mechanical-shop owners learn how to run their businesses more effectively and profitably.

The following articles on the WTI's Performance Groups were recently featured in the September 2008 issues of Parts & People Magazine:

Parts & People - Northern California Edition:

WORLDPAC Training Institute Performance Group coming soon to Northern California

Parts & People - Northwest Edition:

WORLDPAC Training Institute coming soon to Pacific Northwest

Mike Olson, WORLDPAC Director of Business Management Training, is quoted in the articles as saying:

"[I] developed a program that encourages interaction and sharing of ideas with an emphasis on accountability and continual improvement.

The overall goals for these groups are to help each member achieve a 70 percent gross profit (GP) on labor sales and a 50 percent GP on parts with their expenses at 40 percent and a 20 percent net profit before tax. That's where we want our members to be, and we can help them get there."

In addition to Performance Groups, the WTI Business Development Team is currently touring the USA and Canada bringing essential business training opportunities to Independent Service Centers. Popular fall training classes include:

Increasing Car Count & Making Every Car Count:

Don’t let the economy dictate your business! Take the actions necessary to make your business succeed now and into the future. This one day workshop will give you real success stories of real repair shops that have overcome tough times and made them successful. [In this class] we will share their secrets and the actions they took to succeed.

It's About Time:

Most repair shops mismanage their labor inventory. They do not sell all the time they have available. To test yourself, take your total hours for one month that you pay your technicians. Multiply this by your labor rate. Now compare it to your actual labor sales . . . chances are if you are a shop owner or service advisor, you need to take this workshop.

To learn more about the WORLDPAC Training Institute, visit the program links below:

WTI Performance Groups
WTI Business Development
WTI Technical Training

To learn more about WORLDPAC click here.

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