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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Customer Marketing Solutions (CMS) Brochure

Customer Marketing Solutions (CMS) Brochure

Did you know that attracting a new customer is five times more expensive than retaining an existing customer?

Do you know the difference between Acquisition Marketing and Retention Marketing?

Do you know what percent of total sales your industry peers generally allocate to marketing activities? . . .

If you struggle to answer these marketing questions, you are not the only one.

With increased competition, vehicle complexity, and a generally busy schedule, most shop owners and managers rarely find time to research critically important marketing topics. However, it's these factors of a challenging business environment that make marketing your independent service center more important today than ever before!

WORLDPAC has developed an educational Marketing brochure designed to increase your marketing knowledge and help you effectively market your business. The brochure answers the above questions and covers topics such as:

  • Today’s Challenges
  • How Marketing Can Help
  • Marketing 101
  • Marketing Tools Available to You
An excerpt from Marketing 101:
In the shop environment, marketing helps to increase car count through acquiring new customers as well as retaining and growing customers. But don’t confuse advertising and marketing: advertising is just one part of the overall marketing plan you create to grow your business. An important part of marketing also includes surveying customers so you can respond to their needs and measure customer satisfaction.

In the simplest terms, marketing can be broken down into three key areas:
  • Acquisition-Marketing to acquire new customers
  • Retention-Marketing to retain existing customers
  • Measurement to asses the varying levels of success
To obtain a free Marketing brochure, contact your Sales Representative and request a brochure be sent to you.

To download a copy of the Marking brochure visit WORLDPAC Customer Marketing Services (CMS) or click here (1.45MB file).

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