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Thursday, April 17, 2008

WORLDPAC Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary of speedDIAL®

WORLDPAC Celebrates 10 year Anniversary of speedDIAL®!

WORLDPAC is celebrating the 10 year anniversary of speedDIAL®, our industry leading on-line catalog and fulfillment ordering software program. The program was first introduced to the trade the same year Google was founded - 1998, and was developed exclusively for the independent automotive service center. In 1998, it was called DIAL® (Direct Information Access Link) and could only be installed using a CD ROM that was also required for upgrades.

The next generation was introduced as speedDIAL® which included automated updates and more robust features such as: SMS integration, digital images, invoice inquiry/printing, VIN decoder, self service returns, message e-mail center, Customer Forums, integrated marketing programs and much more.

Most enhancements were done with direct input by speedDIAL® users. The program is developed by and for the independent service center. Today, WORLDPAC conducts over 75% of their North American business through speedDIAL®, with a goal to increase it by listening to our customers and constantly striving to improve customers time efficiency.

A WORLDPAC speedDIAL® customer recently commented:

We save a lot of time. It places information at our fingertips and I keep it open all day. It gives me the ability to answer my customer questions about parts, prices and availability and delivery in just a few seconds.

To celebrate this very special occasion, WORLDPAC is giving away a 10 year anniversary commemorative PING® jacket every business day in April!

View winners!

Look for more exciting advances in speedDIAL® in the very near future!

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