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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

WORLDPAC Training Institute (WTI) Class Brochure Now Available

The WORLDPAC Training Institute (WTI) Class Brochure is Now Available!

The WORLDPAC Training Institute (WTI) Business and Technical Training Brochure provides specific details on all WTI classes available in 2008.

For additional class information download a WTI Brochure now or contact your WORLDPAC Sales Representative to request a Brochure be sent to you.

For additional WTI enrollment information link directly to Business Training or Technical Training or contact your WORLDPAC Sales Representative.

Below is a listing of all WTI Business and Technical Training classes being offered in 2008:

2008 Business Training Classes:

Show Me the Money

Employees . . . Recruit, Train & Compensate the Best
Be a Great Leader: Lead Your Shop to Greatness
Experience the Power of Leadership

Marketing, It’s More Than Just Advertising

Service Consultant Training
Effective Selling Without Sacrificing Customer Service
Improving Sales and Increasing Customer Service

Time Management
It’s About Time

WORLDPAC Performance Groups
(See WTI brochure for details)

2008 Technical Training Classes:

Body Systems Training I
Body Systems Training II
E65 / E66 class (7 Series)
Climate Control Systems
GT1 Training
Engine Management I
Engine Management II: Classroom
Engine Management II: Hands-on

Honda Multiport EFI Driveability

Body Systems Training I
Climate Control Systems
Advanced Engine Diagnostics
Engine Management I
Engine Management II
CAN and Body Systems II
Mercedes Transmission 722.6

Nissan Multiport EFI Driveability

Porsche Engine Management II

Toyota Multiport EFI Driveability
Advanced Toyota Hybrid, Service and Diagnostics
Advanced Diagnosis and Service

Common Problems and Driveability

Introduction to Volvo
Advanced Volvo Software and Network Diagnostics
Volvo Engine Management II

Advanced Diagnostics
Modern Diagnosis and Service Techniques 2007

Upcoming Technical Training Programs:

Jaguar Technical Training
Land/Range Rover Technical Training
Advanced Nissan
Advanced Toyota Engine I
Advanced Honda Engine I
Diagnostic Techniques

The WORLDPAC Training Institute (WTI) is committed to being the leader in providing solutions through diverse education and training programs.

Visit the WORLDPAC Training Institute to learn more or view WTI Brochure now.

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