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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tech Tip Fix: Volvo V70 Throttle Body Code Diagnosis

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Tech Tip Fix: Volvo V70 Throttle Body Code Diagnosis

by Adam Garberg, WORLDPAC Assist European Team Member

In this example a 2002 Volvo V70 with a 2.4L engine had a lack of power, poor acceleration, MIL light illuminated and the following codes stored in memory:

P0068 - ECM 903C – Throttle Position Sensor
P0221 - ECM 914F - Throttle Unit Internal Fault
P0123 - ECM 9530 - APP Unit Intermittent Fault
P1293 - ECM 914F - Throttle Unit Faulty Signal

To diagnosis, proceed as follows:

Tests can be performed with a DVOM (Digital Volt Ohm Meter) or a Lab Scope.

  1. Check the electrical connection at the throttle body. Ensure it is fully engaged and visually inspect the pins. Be sure to inspect the connection for damage.

  2. Check the condition of the throttle plate. Removal will be necessary. If throttle plate is badly carbon contaminated or oil soaked, check the PCV system.

  3. While the Electronic Throttle Actuator (ETA) is removed, check the motor winding resistance by measuring between terminals 1 and 4. Specification is 1.2-3.5 ohms.

  4. Check resistance between terminals 2 and 3. Specification is 1000-1500 ohms.

    Check resistance between terminals 2 and 6. Resistance will be about 820 ohms at closed throttle and sweep to 1580 ohms at Wide Open Throttle (WOT).

    Check resistance between terminals 2 and 5. Resistance will be about 1480 ohms at closed throttle and will sweep to 500 ohms at WOT.

  5. If the ETA fails any of these tests, replace it.

  6. If the ETA is passing all tests, clean the bore and blade with a solvent soaked rag. Reinstall and clear codes.

After performing a visual inspection and the diagnostic procedures above a broken harness connector and damaged pins were discovered.


This vehicle is not affected by the Throttle recall/extended warranty. This Electronic Throttle Actuator is no longer a master control module on the CAN bus. It is now a slave module to the ECM.

The ETA wiring connector and pins are available separately if the connector is broken or damaged. Volvo part numbers are as follows:
  • Connector housing – 9441564

  • Wire, terminal and seal plug (already assembled) - 30656679 (6 will be needed)

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