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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Product Feature: NPN Cabin Filters

Product Feature: NPN Cabin Filters

NPN Cabin Filters lead the industry with the most comprehensive application coverage for European, Asian and Domestic vehicles. NPN Cabin Filters are manufactured to OEM specifications in order to provide unsurpassed interior air cabin quality and a precision fit. WORLDPAC has recently secured the exclusive distribution of NPN products.

NPN Cabin Filters offer over 165 SKU’s covering most all applications. They are available in both Particulate & odor eliminating Charcoal Activated materials as supplied OEM. NPN products carry a full 12 month warranty. Considering the prolific use of cabin filters in most all late model cars, the availability of NPN Cabin Filters is of significant timing.

Cabin air filters are becoming more common on all vehicles causing a growth surge in the cabin filter market. As reported by Frost & Sullivan, total 2006 North American aftermarket cabin filter revenues were $55.4 million, and this amount is expected to increase by 22% yearly (through 2012).

Product awareness is a key factor in driving aftermarket cabin filter sales. Cabin filter replacements have the potential to produce generous profits for the independent repair shop. To realize these profits, shops should enlighten customers to the advantages of replacing cabin filter products.

The complete line of high quality NPN cabin filters support an ‘easy-to-install’ product category for professional service centers and DIY’ers. All NPN Cabin Filter products include installation instructions and carry a full 12 month warranty.

For more information about cabin filters and practical selling points, click here to view Tech Tips: Servicing Cabin Air Filters, an e-newsletter article featured in the May 8, 2007 edition of autocarepro:news.

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