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Friday, June 1, 2007

Industry News: China is On the Heels of Japan for U.S. Auto Parts Imports

Industry News: China is on the Heels of Japan for U.S. Auto Part Imports

WORLDPAC recently received a story from Automotive News reporting on China's growth as a major supplier of U.S. auto parts. We believe this information is instrumental in understanding the changing automotive industry.

China now No. 2 parts source for U.S.
May 28, 2007 - 1:00 am

by Lindsay Chappell
Automotive News

China has passed Germany as America's No. 2 overseas source for auto parts.

According to new U.S. Commerce Department trade data, the United States imported $1.936 billion (14.83 billion yuan) in auto parts from China during the first three months of this year. During the same period, parts valued at $1.934 billion entered the country from German manufacturers.

In the same three months a year ago, Germany shipped the United States $1.73 billion in parts, while China shipped $1.52 billion.

Japan remains the largest overseas source of parts, with $3.57 billion in imports for the period. North American free-trade partners Canada and Mexico also still ship more parts into the United States than China, Germany or Japan.

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